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As parents of twins, we know what it’s like buying new toys. Regardless of whether you’re buying for your own kids or for someone else’s, you want to make sure that whatever you buy is well-received, is fun to play with and is good value for money.

After many hits and misses over the years, we decided to start up this website to share our experiences and hopefully help some other people in choosing the toys that are right for them.




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  • Five of the best Mulan toys
    The release of Disney’s live-action remake of Mulan had been ten years in the making before finally being released in September. There have been many reasons why this film have been a bit different to the normal Disney release. Firstly, the film was released on Disney+ rather than in cinemas due to COVID-19. Then of […]
  • 10 questions about Hot Wheels answered
    There have been over 4 billion Hot Wheels cars produced since they were first released, making them one of the most popular toy brands in the world for over fifty years. These die-cast toys are enjoyed by young and old, both as accurate scale models and as fun kids toy hot rods. In this article, […]
  • How to hatch a Hatchimal
    Produced by Canadian toy company Spin Master, Hatchimals haven proven to be a huge worldwide success. They have taken the surprise pack concept to the next level by creating toys that open themselves! There are different types of Hatchimal available to buy, and depending on the version you have will determine the hatching process that […]
  • The best PAW Patrol toy vehicles
    The heroic adventures of the PAW Patrol pups have proven to be extremely popular with kids all over the world. At the time of writing an 8th season of the TV show has been commissioned, with their first feature film due to be released in 2021. By combining puppies with the emergency services, creator Keith […]
  • Review: Kitten CatfĂ© Purrista Girls (Series 1)
    In this review, we bought our 6-year-old twin daughters a Kitten CatfĂ© Purrista Girls toy each from series 1, getting their thoughts and opinions. There are 12 different toys in series 1 that we could receive, all of which are unknown at the time of purchase due to their ‘blind bag’ packaging. And wouldn’t you […]