10 questions about LOL Dolls answered

Every year since 2017 we spend billions of pounds on LOL Dolls, many of which we don’t know what they look like when we buy them. The lucky owner of a LOL Surprise will strip back layer after layer, revealing all kinds of fun treats before finally getting to the doll itself.

This surprise element is what has made these toys so successful, with kids choosing the feeling of being surprised over opening a toy that they can’t actually see.

The selection of dolls has inevitably expanded as they become more and more popular, with several different sub-brands now available which makes them even more collectable.

In this article, we answer 10 of the most commonly asked questions about LOL Dolls, giving you some useful information about these Toys Kids Love.

What does LOL Doll stand for?

LOL stands for ‘Lil Outrageous Littles’. If we’re being honest, they could have tried a bit harder to find three words that spell LOL, but it’s fair to say that it hasn’t held them back too much!

This isn’t the only acronym that they have used for their dolls. The range of LOL OMG Fashion Doll series represents ‘Outrageous Millennial Girls’.

Who invented LOL Dolls?

LOL Dolls were the brainchild of Iranian billionaire Isaac Larian. Having been in the toy industry for over 20 years, he came up with the idea after speaking with his children about Apple iPhone unboxing videos on YouTube. This was his lightbulb moment, and he set out to create what he describes as the “ultimate unboxing toy.”

Who makes LOL Dolls?

LOL Dolls are made MGA Entertainment, the LA-based company that Isaac Larian founded in 1979 and is CEO of to this day. Other successful toys that have been created by MGA include Bratz, Num Noms, Baby Born and Poopsie Slime Surprise. They also acquired Little Tykes in 2006.

How big is the LOL Doll House?

The LOL Doll House is a seriously impressive set which stands 94cm long x 25cm wide x 84cm high. It is made of wood and has 3 stories, 6 rooms a spiral staircase and even has a working elevator which is on the outside of the building! It’s not cheap, but with the amount of surprises and features it includes, it does represent good value for money.

It also includes a pool, hot tub and lots of furniture, the latter delivered in a moving truck – they’ve thought of everything!

LOL Dolls House

Can LOL Dolls get wet?

Most LOL Dolls are designed to be used in water, with some of the earlier series featuring water surprises such as spit, cry or wet themselves after being submerged. Some of the more recent versions also have parts that change colour, or have elements of their costume or body appear or change style.

It is however recommended not to soak the hair of the dolls from the Hair Goals and #Hairvibes series, as this can damage the hair and spoil the way the doll looks.

Which LOL Dolls change colour in water?

A full list of the LOL Dolls that will change colour can be found here. It’s worth remembering that some of the older dolls would only change colour in cold water. The more recent series will change colour in cold or warm water, so it’s worth using cold where possible to cover all bases.

Different parts of the dolls that change colour include their hair, makeup, clothes and accessories. There has however been some controversy about whether some of the costume changes are entirely appropriate for a kids toy as they resemble lingerie.

Are there boy LOL Dolls?

Yes, there are! They have released more than one boys series of L.O.L Surprise Dolls that are exclusively male, with Punk Boi being one of the most sought after as he was one of the first boys they produced.

One thing to be aware of before buying one of the LOL Surprise Boys packs is that they are anatomically correct downstairs, which could be awkward for some. Many parents took to social media to express their displeasure, although others have not found this to be a problem.

LOL Surprise Boys

What size are LOL Dolls?

There are lots of different sized LOL Dolls. The LOL Surprise Dolls that come in the round packs are the most common version and are 3 inches tall. The LOL OMG Dolls are much bigger, standing 9 inches tall, and are sold in more traditional rectangle boxes.

Can you buy LOL Doll clothes?

No, you can’t buy official clothes for LOL Dolls on their own, they are only supplied with the dolls themselves. You can, however, check out sites such as Etsy or eBay, where lots of clever people have created their own ranges for you to buy.

Many have either been knitted or sewn out of material, and some also take bespoke orders so that you can have your own patterns or choice of fabric turned into an outfit.

While the dolls can’t get official LOL clothes, humans are much luckier as the brand has a large range of children’s clothing for all occasions, as is the way with any successful toy brand.

What are LOL Dolls Under Wraps?

LOL Surprise Under Wraps Eye Spy series includes 15 surprises, the first of which being a special magnifying glass when you unwrap the first layer which can be used to reveal secret messages and clues as all 3 layers are opened.

Once all of the layers have been opened, the clues that have been uncovered will provide secret codes that need to be used to open various sections of the pod in order to gain access to the surprises including the wraps doll, clothes and accessories.

LOL Surprise Under Wraps

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