How to hatch a Hatchimal

Produced by Canadian toy company Spin Master, Hatchimals haven proven to be a huge worldwide success. They have taken the surprise pack concept to the next level by creating toys that open themselves!

There are different types of Hatchimal available to buy, and depending on the version you have will determine the hatching process that you will need to follow.

In this article we’ll take a look at some of the most popular Hatchimal ranges, explaining how to hatch the egg and discover the toy within.

Hatchimals Mystery

If you have one of the original large eggs, these open in a really cool way. Once you’ve taken it out of the box, there are a couple of plastic pegs in the base of the egg which you need to twist clockwise and remove. This wakes up the toy inside and begins the hatching process.

While it’s in the egg, its eyes will light up in various colours, each telling you how the Hatchimal is feeling. Each emotion has an associated action that you can take to look after it as follows:

Eye colourWhat it meansWhat to do
RedUpsetRub the bottom of the egg
OrangeGassyPat or tilt the egg
Flashing orangeHas the hiccupsTap the egg
YellowCuriousTilt, tap or touch the egg
GreenSickRub or tilt the egg
Light blueColdRub the bottom of the egg
Dark blueScaredRub the bottom or tap on the egg
PinkLovingListen for the Hatchimal’s heartbeat
WhiteFalling asleepEither let it go to sleep or put it down and pick it up again to keep it awake.
Eyes offSleepingPick up the egg to wake it up
RainbowReady to hatchRub the bottom of the egg
Flashing whiteHatchingPut the egg down, sit back and watch it hatch!

As well as rubbing the bottom of the egg, you can also encourage it to hatch by tapping the egg if you hear the Hatchimal tapping from the inside, and holding the egg if you hear it panting.

The Hatchimal will eventually crack the egg open from the inside like a bird would. Once it’s cracked enough simply remove the loose shell to welcome the little one into the world!


The HatchiBabies series hatch in a very similar way to the Hatchimals described above. The main difference is that the list of eye colours have been simplified, which we feel was a good move. They are:

Eye colourWhat it meansWhat to do
RedUpsetRock the egg or rub the bottom
OrangeGassyPat the bottom or tilt the egg
YellowHappyTilt the egg
GreenSickRub the bottom of the egg
BlueColdRub the bottom of the egg
WhiteSleepyTilt sideways and rock the egg.
PinkHeartbeatListen for the Hatchimal’s heartbeat
Eyes offListeningTap the egg
RainbowReady to hatchRub the bottom of the egg


Rather than including an electronic toy like the above Hatchimals, the HatchiBuddies range include a cuddly toy with no interactive parts. This means that it can’t break itself free, and instead, the egg is simply opened by hand.

Hatchimal CollEGGtibles

These smaller eggs are available in many different types of packaging, but all open in the same way. There is a heart on the egg which you need to rub, and in doing so the heart will change colour. This process weakens the shell until eventually you will be able to crack your way in and discover the Hatchimal.

So there you have it. You should now be able to hatch any of the Hatchimal range of toys, and nearly all of the many ranges can be opened by using one of the above methods.

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