The best PAW Patrol toy vehicles

The heroic adventures of the PAW Patrol pups have proven to be extremely popular with kids all over the world. At the time of writing an 8th season of the TV show has been commissioned, with their first feature film due to be released in 2021.

By combining puppies with the emergency services, creator Keith Chapman (who also created Bob The Builder) was able to appeal to both pet lovers and adventure seekers – two things that cover a large percentage of kids!

As brave as Marshall, Chase, Skye and the rest of the PAW Patrol are, they couldn’t carry out their rescue missions without the help of some pretty impressive vehicles. And guess what? That’s right – you can buy toys of pretty much all of them!

We’ve taken a look at some of the best PAW Patrol vehicles available in the UK, using our experience to help you to buy Toys Kids Love.

Zuma’s Hovercraft

Recommended age range: 3 to 5 years

As you would hope for with a hovercraft, this toy can be played with on the hard surfaces using the wheels, or alternatively can be used in water where it will float.

The hovercraft has two fans on the back which can be operated manually using a dial. The vehicle is sold with a Zuma figure whose head can be turned to look in different directions.

Pros: Great as a bath toy as well as an everyday toy.

Cons: Some figures have moving legs and some don’t.

Zuma's Hovercraft

Launch’N Haul PAW Patroller

Recommended age range: 3 to 5 years

PAW Patrol meets Transformers! What looks on the outside as simply the PAW Patroller opens up to reveal three missions including rescuing a bear, putting out a fire and filling the Patroller up with petrol.

It comes with a die-cast Robodog figure, but it can also hold the other 6 True Metal 1:55 scale vehicles as well which are sold separately.

Pros: Can be used as a transporter or as a playset.

Cons: It has received some negative reviews in regards to quality and sharp pieces which should be read before buying.

Launch’N Haul PAW Patroller

True Metal Die-Cast Vehicles

Recommended age range: 3 to 9 years

We’ve just spoken about the True Metal vehicles that fit inside the Launch’N Haul PAW Patroller, and here they are. You get 6 vehicles in this gift pack, all being a 1:55 scale, made of die-cast metal and having working wheels.

You will receive the following characters, all of which are moulded into the vehicles:

  • Chase
  • Marshall
  • Rocky
  • Rubble
  • Skye
  • Zuma

Pros: Well-made from sturdy die-cast metal, meaning that they will take a bashing.

Cons: Supposed to include a collector’s poster but some have complained that this was not including.

True Metal Die-Cast PAW PAtrol Vehicles

Chase’s Deluxe Vehicle

Recommended age range: 3 to 5 years

From the Mighty Pups range, Chase’s Deluxe Vehicle has a button on the front which activates lights and sound effects. 3 x LR44 batteries are required, but helpfully these are included meaning that it’s ready to play with straight away.

It is supplied with a Chase figure wearing his Super PAWs costume.

Pros: Good price, authentic sound effects and lights make it more fun to play with.

Cons: The figure will fall out of the car if played with vigorously.

Chase's Deluxe Vehicle

Skye’s Ultimate Rescue Helicopter

Recommended age range: 3 to 6 years

This is perhaps the best value for money toy on the list. The helicopter comes with figures of Skye and Marshall, although it can hold up to 6 figures if you already own others.

The propellers, lights and sound effects are activated using a lever on the side of the helicopter when it is pushed back and forth. The door at the back opens up and the jet engines also move up and down.

It has a hook on a winch cable on one side that can be used to pick objects up and perform rescues, while on the other side a mini vehicle can be attached to come along for the ride.

When its time to fly, a handle unfolds from underneath which can be used, leaving the other hand free to operate the various features.

Pros: Robust, lots of interactive elements, includes the required 2 x AAA batteries.

Cons: It’s a shame that the level to activate the propellers, lights and sound effects can’t be operated using the same hand that is holding the handle.

Skye’s Ultimate Rescue Helicopter

Air Patroller

Recommended age range: 3 to 5 years

While we’re in the sky, the PAW Patrol Air Patroller is a very popular part of the range.

It can be configured either as a plane or as a helicopter by changing the direction of the two propeller engines. It has a handle on the top where it can be held to make it fly, with the button to activate the lights and sounds in a convenient position at the front of it.

A Robo Dog figure is included, with a total of 6 action figures able to be transported either in the cockpit or in the cargo bay.

Pros: Convenient to hold and press the light/sound button at the same time.

Cons: Could have more moving parts or interactive elements, propellers only turn by hand.

PAW Patrol Air Patroller

Sea Patroller

Recommended age range: 3 to 6 years

The PAW Patrol Sea Patroller is a really impressive set with lots of functionality and accessories. In the box you will get:

  • Sea Patroller
  • Ryder and Octopus figures
  • Quad Bike
  • 2 x Lifesavers
  • Detachable Anchor
  • Exploration Cage

The Sea Patroller can be turned from a sea vehicle into a land vehicle by sliding the bridge back or forth. However, even when it is configured as a boat, it is not a water toy and shouldn’t be used in the bath (you’d have to have a pretty big bath if it was!)

There is a shooter on the top from which the lifesavers can be fired at whatever you are trying to rescue – especially if you want to save the baby octopus! Ryder can then be attached to the exploration cage and attached to the crane which rotates and lowers him down to so that he can carry out his heroic mission!

Patroller rescue vehicles including the ATV vehicle can be stored inside the cargo bay. As with other toys in our list, there is a button to activate lights and sounds.

Pros: Lots of interactive elements, batteries included.

Cons: There aren’t too many kids boat toys that can’t be used in water!

PAW Patrol Sea Patroller

Jungle Patroller

Recommended age range: 3 years+

The PAW Patrol Jungle Patroller is a seriously big toy! The box measures about 84cm long to give you some context.

It comes complete with a Ryder figure and quad bike, although it has space to store up to 6 vehicles inside its impressively designed interior. In fact, one of the PAW Patrol Jungle Rescue’s main uses is as a covert storage box – the kids will never know that it’s actually helping keep the house tidy!

The light and sound button on this one is on the side in the form of a large shield with a paw motif on it.

Pros: Ideal to use as storage for mini vehicles or other toys.

Cons: Doesn’t do a huge amount, will need a decent space to play with it in.

PAW Patrol Jungle Patroller

Marshall’s Remote Control Fire Truck

Recommended age range: 4 to 6 years

We’ve saved the best for last! Remote control cars are great fun, and this one has been designed specifically with younger children in mind.

The control only has two buttons – one to go forward, and the other to reverse and turn. This keeps things simple and makes it easy to use, preventing kids from getting frustrated.

The ladder can be moved up and down, although this and is more of a token gesture. It’s surprisingly nippy and works best on hard flooring, as the case with the majority of remote control cars.

Pros: Decent size, good range and speed, easy to control.

Cons: Requires 5 x AAA batteries (not included).

Marshall's Remote Control Fire Truck

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We’ve listed out our favourites, but the range of PAW Patrol vehicles on offer is vast and there are of course many that we have not covered in this article.

Head on over to Amazon here to check out the full range.

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