Review: Kitten Catfé Purrista Girls (Series 1)

In this review, we bought our 6-year-old twin daughters a Kitten Catfé Purrista Girls toy each from series 1, getting their thoughts and opinions.

Kitten Catfe Purrista Girls

There are 12 different toys in series 1 that we could receive, all of which are unknown at the time of purchase due to their ‘blind bag’ packaging. And wouldn’t you know it, the two we bought were exactly the same! From looking at the Collector’s Guide that is included, the toy they received was Kitty Purrcino, whose favourite drink is – apparently – Catfé Au Lait. A full list is available on the Kitten Catfé website.


The packaging – shaped like a takeaway coffee cup – does a good job of explaining what to expect inside. The 6 surprises it lists are:

  • Doll
  • Outfit & Shoes (3 items)
  • Accessory
  • 1, 2 or 3 Meowbles (more on this later)

Upon the kids excitedly opening the toys, we were impressed that there wasn’t an excessive amount of plastic wrapping as is used in other surprise packs. Once the outer film is removed and the lid of the cup is opened, you’re into the good stuff.

Kitten Catfe Purrista Girls Pack Contents

As you can see, the accessory we got with Kitty Purrcino is her own drink cup with a straw. The hair came fitted to the doll but can also be removed for a more natural ‘cat look’ if that is what is preferred.

One surprise that was not mentioned on the packaging was a cat basket which fits underneath the lid. The doll does have articulated legs and arms, and by positioning both then it can sit inside the basket. It has some nice details in it such as some cat footprints and a fish skeleton in the food bowl.

The top and shoes fit very easily and just push on with minimal effort. The skirt has a slit at the back to make room for the tail to stick out, although this is also optional. One of my daughters likes it with the tail, while the other prefers is without.

Kitten Catfe Purrista Girls Tail

Once everything has been put together, played with and is finished with, parents will be happy to know that everything can be stored back in the cup itself. We’ve found that the lid doesn’t fit amazingly well with the basket slotted in underneath it, but it stays on pretty well.

The cup can also be used as a genuine drinking cup, although this should only ever be for cold drinks.


As for the Meowbles, these are meant to be a toy for the doll to play with like a ball of yarn for a cat. These come in a pack that looks like a teabag, although on seeing one of my girls tore the bag open to see what was inside.

Had we have stopped to reach the instructions on the cup (where’s the fun in that?!), we would have seen that these are indeed supposed to be teabags and they need to be put in cold water in order to dissolve.

Thankfully, my slightly more patient daughter did resist the temptation and was able to put hers in water. It was a bit of an anti-climax as it dissolved very quickly, revealing the Meowbles inside.

Kitten Catfe Purrista Girls Meowbles

The pack promised 1, 2 or 3 Meowbles, and we were lucky enough to receive 3 in each. The reverse side of the Collector’s Guide shows that there are 24 different Meowbles to collect. We received the same three in both packs – Poppy Meow, Huffy Meow and Cotton Meow – although in a different order in each. We assume this means that each doll has an associated set of Meowbles that it is always supplied with, but that might just have been a coincidence.

What did the kids think?

Overall, my daughters really seemed to like their Kitten Catfe Purrista Girls toys. They were a bit disappointed to have received the same one, but that’s the luck of the draw with this type of toy and from my point of view, definitely avoided some potential arguments!

They found the Meowbles ‘cute’ although haven’t really used the basket at all, choosing the treat the doll as a person more than a cat.

They’ve also found being able to store everything in the cup useful, and have needed little encouragement to keep everything together (for once!)

We wouldn’t have a problem if they chose this toy again in the future, although we would, of course, remind them that they could well be adding to our fast-growing collection of Kitty Purrcino’s…

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